A Good Cup of Decaf?

Coffee Beans

Some coffee drinkers insist that decaffeinated coffee does not taste nearly as good as regular because the flavors and aromas are affected by the decaffeination process. Others have been drinking chemically decaffeinated coffee for so long that they either don’t mind the difference in taste or don’t notice it at all. Whichever group you fall into, it might be time to try Infusco’s decaf coffee and see if you can taste the difference.

All decaf coffee beans are decaffeinated when they are green – before they are roasted. Most coffee companies use what is called the direct method to decaffeinate their beans, a process that involves steaming the beans and rinsing them with chemical solvents like dichloromethane and ethyl acetate for ten hours. These chemical rinses remove the caffeine from the beans, which are then steamed for another ten hours to remove any chemical residue.

The problem with this method is that because there are hundreds of components in every coffee bean that are critical to the taste and aroma of the brew, it is difficult to isolate and extract only the caffeine. Other components are likely removed as well, and traces of the chemical solvent rinse can be left behind. This affects the way the drink tastes, and explains why some people have never met a decaf coffee that they liked.

So how do we solve this problem? Infusco purchases beans that have been decaffeinated using a method known as the Swiss Water Process. This method takes 8-10 hours, and results in flavorful coffee beans that are 99.9% caffeine free and 100% chemical free. A batch of green coffee beans are immersed in hot water, which extracts the caffeine as well as other flavors. This water, called green coffee extract, is then passed through a charcoal filter that catches only the caffeine molecules.  The first batch of green coffee beans is tossed out, and the next batch goes through the same process – but instead of new, clean water, the fresh beans are immersed in the green coffee extract produced by the flavors of the first batch. This almost eliminates any loss of flavor in the second batch of beans, while removing all of the caffeine without chemicals. Pretty cool!

So next time you’re craving the taste of great coffee, but you don’t want the caffeine kick, stop by and try Infusco’s coffee decaffeinated with the Swiss Water Process!


Barista Series: Tabi


Q: Where are you from?

A: New Carlisle, Indiana

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at Infusco?

A: Interacting with people.

Q: What is something you like to do in the area that you would recommend to visitors?

A: Go to Greenbush!

-When you visit, be sure to try the Mr. Hyde java cream stout, made with Infusco Coffee!

Q: Is there anything exciting in your life that you’d like to share?

A: I don’t really have any big plans, but I’m studying crimal justice and hope to be a detective and work homicide someday.

Q: What’s your favorite coffee drink?

A: I like just regular coffee!


We have some exciting news! If you love Infusco and you’ll be in Chicago this weekend, be sure to stop by and see us at Navy Pier!

The 21st annual SOFA Chicago will be held November 6-9, and Infusco will be serving coffee for the 30,000 person event. SOFA (Structural Objects Functional Art) is a series of lectures, events, and galleries from fourteen different countries. It’s one of the world’s largest international art fairs. Just for this event, we’ll be roasting 400 pounds of coffee and 160 pounds of espresso. It’s going to be a crazy time of serving two places at once – Chicago and Sawyer! We even bought two brand new espresso machines just for the event.

We’re really excited about this opportunity, and hope that you’ll come see us if you’re in Chicago this week!


Barista Series: Spencer


Q: Where are you from?

A: La Porte, Indiana

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at Infusco?

A: Just all the people and getting to experiment with making coffee.

Q: What is something you like to do in the area that you would recommend to visitors?

A: (After much deliberation…) Sitting on the beach and enjoying the sunset. At Warren Dunes, specifically.

Q: Is there anything exciting in your life that you’d like to share?

A: I’m getting married! That’s about the only exciting thing, currently. Getting married in May!

Q: What’s your favorite coffee drink?

A: I honestly like the light roast coffee, just black.

Barista Series: Jess


Q: Where are you from?

A: Crown Point, Indiana. But I’m a Bears and Cubs fan.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working at Infusco?

A: The craft. They’ve trained me to roast so I’ve become aware of coffee in a much broader sense.

Q: What’s something you like to do in the area that you would recommend to visitors, or anyone who’s never done it?

A: It’s as simple as exploring. Go for a walk. Last weekend we went to Warren Woods, which is supposed to be a primeval, virgin forest. The trees there are just huge.

Q: Is there anything exciting in your life right now that you’d like to share?

A: My three siblings are all getting married in 2015!

Q: Favorite coffee drink?

A: I’m simple. Americano.

Coffee Cupping Event

Last month Infusco held it’s first Coffee Cupping in the shop, and it was a great success! Ticket buyers had a great time exploring the look, feel, and flavor of many different coffee beans and blends. If you came out for this fun evening, Infusco thanks you! If not, be sure to join us next time!




Between rounds of coffee tasting, Jeff and Tammi Brown shared about the work they will be doing in Costa Rica, which the coffee cupping helped to support. Ronny and Kari Silva also shared what they will be doing when they return to Peru. You can learn more about both families and their goals in our previous post.



Everyone in attendance was invited into the back room of the shop, where all of Infusco’s beans are roasted. Rich fired up a batch and showed examples of the coffee beans when they are received from the farms, before they are roasted.


Coffee Beans


After roasting, the beans turn a lovely brown, which was seen at the counter in both whole bean and ground forms during the cupping.

Espresso Beans

Espresso Grounds

Drawing Prize

One lucky winner took home an Infusco shirt and diner mug, both of which are for sale in the coffee shop, and every one enjoyed these delicious snacks and desserts from Bit of Swiss Bakery.

Bit of Swiss


Barista Series: Kari


Q: Where are you from?

A: Here. (Sawyer.)

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at Infusco?

A: People. The employees I work with and getting to talk to people coming in.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do in the area that you would recommend to people from out of town, or anyone that hasn’t done it?

A: Going hunting for beach glass on the beach.

Q: What’s something big in your life that you’d like to share?

A: I released my first published book! There are copies for sale in the shop, and if I’m working I’ll sign it for you! (Find out more at Kari’s website.)

Q: And your favorite coffee drink?

A: Latte with no flavoring.