We have some exciting news! If you love Infusco and you’ll be in Chicago this weekend, be sure to stop by and see us at Navy Pier!

The 21st annual SOFA Chicago will be held November 6-9, and Infusco will be serving coffee for the 30,000 person event. SOFA (Structural Objects Functional Art) is a series of lectures, events, and galleries from fourteen different countries. It’s one of the world’s largest international art fairs. Just for this event, we’ll be roasting 400 pounds of coffee and 160 pounds of espresso. It’s going to be a crazy time of serving two places at once – Chicago and Sawyer! We even bought two brand new espresso machines just for the event.

We’re really excited about this opportunity, and hope that you’ll come see us if you’re in Chicago this week!



Coffee Cupping Event

Last month Infusco held it’s first Coffee Cupping in the shop, and it was a great success! Ticket buyers had a great time exploring the look, feel, and flavor of many different coffee beans and blends. If you came out for this fun evening, Infusco thanks you! If not, be sure to join us next time!




Between rounds of coffee tasting, Jeff and Tammi Brown shared about the work they will be doing in Costa Rica, which the coffee cupping helped to support. Ronny and Kari Silva also shared what they will be doing when they return to Peru. You can learn more about both families and their goals in our previous post.



Everyone in attendance was invited into the back room of the shop, where all of Infusco’s beans are roasted. Rich fired up a batch and showed examples of the coffee beans when they are received from the farms, before they are roasted.


Coffee Beans


After roasting, the beans turn a lovely brown, which was seen at the counter in both whole bean and ground forms during the cupping.

Espresso Beans

Espresso Grounds

Drawing Prize

One lucky winner took home an Infusco shirt and diner mug, both of which are for sale in the coffee shop, and every one enjoyed these delicious snacks and desserts from Bit of Swiss Bakery.

Bit of Swiss


Join Us: Coffee Cupping

Infusco Coffee Roasters has a very exciting announcement: on July 19th at 7PM, the shop will be hosting it’s first ever coffee cupping event!

What is a coffee cupping, you ask? Much like a wine tasting, a coffee cupping is an event where attendees have the opportunity to try many different varieties of coffee, compare and contrast their differences, and discover which types actually suit each individual the best. Whole beans, grounds, and brewed coffee are available for each variety.

There are a limited number of 50 tickets available for this event. Tickets can be purchased for $30 each by stopping into the Infusco Coffee Shop or calling  (269) 213-JAVA to reserve tickets for pick up before the cupping. Each ticket provides the bearer with entrance to the event, desserts provided, and a small bag of Infusco Coffee for your at-home brewing pleasure. Additionally, each ticket will be entered in a drawing for an Infusco t-shirt and mug!

More exciting, however, is that 100% of the proceeds from this event will go to support local community members – the Brown and Silva families – in their goals. To read more about each of these families and how getting them overseas might benefit Infusco, keep reading. Brown Family

Jeff and Tammi Brown are great friends of the Siris who volunteered time back when the space where coffee is now enjoyed was still just a roasting facility. They are preparing to take their family to San Jose, Costa Rica, where they will work for Reach Global as administrators of Latin American and Caribbean missions. They will also be working with both men and women of all ages who are victims of the sex trafficking industry, which is legal in this part of the world.

You can find out more about the Brown family and their goals at their website.

Silva Family

Ronny and Kari Silva, also good friends of Infusco (you’ll recognize Kari as one of our wonderful baristas!), are raising funding to go as a family on a second trip to the city of Trujillo, Peru. While there, they intend to do church planting among indigenous peoples through the Pioneers missions agency.

For more information on the Silvas and their mission, check out their Facebook group page.

Costa Rica and Peru are both known for their coffee farms, and these families have hopes of discovering farms that might enter into direct trade with Infusco Coffee Roasters! Infusco is working to obtain licensing to trade with other coffee farms, through the gifting of the farm in Kenya. You can find out more about the Kenyan farm in the video below, and in some old blogs written by Rich. Farms the Browns and Silvas discover will likely be similar to this.


We hope to see you at the coffee cupping – buy a ticket today!

Cupping Event Poster