We Grew Up!

P1040381 On Memorial Day weekend the Infusco Coffee Shop opened its doors to the public for the first time – and was met with overwhelming friendship, support, and success!

Many customers loved the incredible space that the Siris have put together for them to enjoy good coffee, and promised to bring friends back with them. People were united in the opinion that Sawyer had always needed a coffee shop, and customers thanked Rich and Stacey for opening one. Throughout the day friends could be seen playing games and laughing, older couples were sitting outside at the bistro tables to enjoy their cappuccinos, bicyclists pedaled many miles to pit-stop at the shop, and many friends and family came to show their support for Infusco.

The shop did exceedingly well this Memorial Day weekend, and managed to triple the normal sales of the Infusco coffee cart of 2012-13. The sales, which are necessary to keep this shop open for all to enjoy, were impressive, but not what primarily touched the shop owners. Stacey Siri says she “had to busy myself often to hide the tears of joy that might spill over…  I didn’t hide my bawling when my sister showed up with her jaw dropped wide open at how awesome she thought the place looked!”

Stacey’s sister was not the only one impressed with the space Infusco has created. Customers had positive things to say left and right:

“Stopped in for coffee at this wonderful new establishment in Sawyer today. Amazing! Great people — great coffee. Bonus: a window into the roasting room!”

“I just got my first house latte here this morning – most excellent. More importantly, you can feel the love in this place. Thanks Rich.”

“So happy for you guys. You have enhanced the ambiance of Sawyer.”

“Love your coffee!”

“Coffee was great today guys! Congratulations on a great looking coffee shop too… I always buy Infusco Coffee – Kenyan roast… delicious!”

Everyone at Infusco hopes that when you stop by to try it out for yourself you’ll heartily agree and become one of many beloved customers. Come check it out! P1040400