Support Locally Grown…

Locally Grown


If you’ve been to visit our shop in Sawyer (and if you haven’t you should!) you might have noticed these fun shirts for sale on the merchandise table. For those who don’t know what they are, aside from the impression of a man’s hairy face, the message of these shirts is to Support Locally Grown Facial Hair. A clever play on words, these shirts make a great conversation starter for anyone who wears them!

On a serious note, the creator of these shirts, Wade, was recently in a bad work-related accident. He’s going to be out of commission for a bit. Wade is a great friend of Infusco, so we’d love it if you came over and took some of his merchandise home! If wearing eyebrows and a beard on your shirt isn’t your thing, Wade also hand carves wooden rings which are also available in the Infusco shop.

So next time you stop in for coffee, Support Locally Grown Facial Hair, too, and bring some good news to a friend of a friend.


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